Fehrast is a Point of Sale, Inventory and HR Management System

Manage your store on Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop. Fehrast is the most efficient and futuristic Point of Sale system for small, medium, and large businesses.

  • Fehrast is a Point of Sale, Inventory and HR Management System
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Advanced features to grow your business.

Make your business more efficient by integrating it with our cutting-edge cloud technology.

Fehrast Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a web-based POS system designed to allow control of products, customers, transactions and more.


Stock Management

Advanced Pricing and Stock Management tools to help you achieve your business goals.Your inventory stored online is accessible from any device.


Invoicing helps you make more money with easy invoice tracking, invoice reminders, and automation. Monitor your cash flow and keep track of important data.



Order, Deliver, Manage, Market. You can now add multiple addresses and create delivery profiles for each of your branches. Advanced features to grow your business.


Whole Sale

It's a simple way for business owners to compete with larger companies. Integrate with multiple sales channels and optimize your workflow. Increase control over prices and inventory, and get even better deals.


We offer On-demand, Real-time, Personal and Affordable Consulting Services. Get your questions answered by our Experts and get your business to next level.


Feature-rich Point of Sale Software

If you are looking for a feature-rich point of sale software that is also affordable then look no further than Beantown Software . Beantown Software offers everything that you need to run your business efficiently. From order and inventory management to accounting and marketing. They even offer industry standard features like kitchen printing and a built-in loyalty program.

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